Saturday, 29 September 2012

Maculan “Dindarello” Veneto IGT (2010)

The Maculan family (who have now been making wine near to Breganze, in Veneto (North East Italy) for 3 generations) make some fantastic wines and amongst the most impressive of these wines are their range of sweet wines.

One of four sweet wines produced by the Maculan family, this Maculan “Dindarello” is composed of 100% Moscato grapes harvested from the 6 acre “Dindarello” vineyard on the Maculan family estate.

Named after the street that runs past the vineyard, the Moscato grapes destined for this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” were ripened fully on the vines prior to 1 month’s worth of “passito” style grape drying that occurred in small wooden crates. Having concentrated the sugars and flavoural compounds in the Moscato grapes, these grapes were then gently pressed prior to fermentation with only naturally occurring yeasts in stainless steel tanks.

The bottling of this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” was two months after fermentation ended. Roughly equal numbers of 75cl and 37.5cl bottles were produced.

In the glass this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” is a pale gold colour. A decision to avoid oak maturation in the vinification of this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” has prevented the wine from becoming any richer in colour. The legs of this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” seem quite viscous (presumably due to the retained sugar) but the alcoholic content is not high – just 11.5% abv is declared.

Aromatically pronounced, this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” shows aromas of orange blossom, honey and apricots. The Moscato grape’s typically obvious “grapey” aroma is also quite overt. Sweet, ripe and fairly full-bodied on the palate, this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” exhibits an unctuous citrus marmalade persona. Concentrated flavours of ripe oranges, nectarines and preserved lemon dominate, with an impressive depth and nuance also on show. Long and lingering, the sweetness of this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” is beautifully offset by a prevalent acidity.

Whilst this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” might survive in bottle for a few years in bottle, this wine will probably be at its best close to release in order to capture all of the exuberant flavours on show fully. A wine that would be perfect with sweet fruit tarts or pastries.
Maculan “Dindarello” Veneto IGT (2010)

Score: 87/100 – An impressive and sweet expression of Moscato from the Maculan family. A delightful wine that is as well balanced as it is gorgeously flavoured.

Value for Money: 8/10 – Priced at around £11 per (37.5cl) bottle in the UK, this 2010 Maculan “Dindarello” is priced at a level somewhat below what a typical Venetian dessert wine might retail for and as such resembles impressive value for money.