Friday, 3 February 2012

“Quarterly Review of Wines” Magazine Ceases Publication

“Quarterly Review of Wines”, the American quarterly wine magazine, has ceased publication after more than three decades.

Named as a favourite of Prince Robert of Luxembourg (the owner of Haut Brion), Michael Broadbent MW and Brian St Pierre (the former PR Director of the California Wine Institute), the “Quarterly Review of Wines” eschewed the modern fashion for numeric scoring of wines and instead endeavoured to capture the romance of a good bottle wine.

In a 1200 word “obituary” Richard L. Elia (publisher/owner of the “Quarterly Review of Wines”) suggested that there were many reasons for ceasing publication, although chief amongst them was the fact that the world of wine had changed since he and columnist Randy Sheahan began the “Quarterly Review of Wines” in the 1970s. Increased corporate ownership of vineyards, taking them away from the “purple-hand gang” of owner-producers of days gone by, along with a changing social attitude to wine meant that his passion for wine was “spent” Elia said.  He added that wine had become such a commodity, that there is little romance left in it anymore.

The increasing age of columnists and staff at the “Quarterly Review of Wines” may also have played a part in Elia’s decision-making, with he himself having turned 70 this month.

It is suggested that the “Quarterly Review of Wines” will still be published as a free website with occasional newsletter updates.